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Rope Access Maintenance
Gtechnic IM, provide clients with professional rope access maintenance services in areas of restricted access and where other conventional methods cannot reach. We offer a wide array of maintenance services for commercial assets and domestic buildings alike. We will conduct an initial survey of the chosen asset, in order to ascertain the client's specific needs and requirements. On completion of the initial survey, all mandatory risk assessments and planning will be implemented before the task is carried out. Our services are available nationwide and overseas if required. 

Implementing professional IRATA Rope Access techniques, clients can be rest assured that the work being undertaken, meets the highest Health and Safety Standards. 
Rope Access provides a safe and effective solution, to restricted access areas that require evaluating and maintaining. Rope Access is a fantastic alternative to Scaffolding, which can take a lot longer to setup/dismantle, can prove a greater risk to the general public and/or client employees and is a huge eyesore.